1001 things in 101 Days (Again)

Dear Friends and Family,

Over the last 1002 days I participated in a project from the Day Zero Project. In my attempt to live life more intentionally, I was drawn to their concept of a bucket list with an end date (a specific one that doesn’t end with me in a pine box). We make grand lists of things to do ‘before we die.’ At Day Zero, however, they want to help us actually accomplish these goals. Thus, I attempted to accomplish 101 things between 26 December 2009-22 September 2012. Admittedly, I failed. There were many things I thought I could accomplish that I either couldn’t or didn’t. Not to be deterred, I have decided to start a new list for the next 1001 days (1000 not including today). I may post about this project along the way, or I may not. Only time can tell for sure. What I will do for now is post a link to my list, as well as a copy of the list itself on here. Thanks for reading!

Find the list here or right below:

  1. Read all 7 Harry Potter books once a year (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)
  2. Read The Silmarillion, the Hobbit, and the Lord of the Rings once a year (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)
  3. Read The Chronicles of Narnia once a year (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)
  4. Learn French.
  5. Write six new poems.
  6. Write a book’s worth of letters from Father and Mother Christmas.
  7. Finish my Work in Progress.
  8. Go to the opera.
  9. Go to a ballet.
  10. Go to at least three professional orchestral concerts.
  11. Learn German.
  12. See Peter Pan on stage.
  13. Hear Mozart’s Requiem live.
  14. Learn 20 poems off by heart.
  15. Go to the Guinness Brewery.
  16. Write a letter to each of my siblings.
  17. Read a book on chess.
  18. Learn to ballroom dance with my wife.
  19. Learn to drive stick shift
  20. Cook an entire meal for my friends and family by myself.
  21. Learn some basic music theory.
  22. Listen to Handel’s Messiah live.
  23. See the Nutcracker live.
  24. Learn basic calligraphy.
  25. Learn off 20 Scriptures in context by heart.
  26. Learn how to knit from my wife and make a scarf.
  27. Make a traditional Christmas Pudding next year (2012)
  28. See Pirates of Penzance by a professional company
  29. Hike through Sherwood
  30. Visit France.
  31. Visit Germany.
  32. Read 100 books
  33. Read 200 Books
  34. Read 300 Books
  35. Read the New Testament in Greek
  36. Read the New Testament in Latin
  37. Write 52 Love Letters to Lauren in 2013
  38. Finish my PhD
  39. Visit Nottingham Castle
  40. Visit Chatsworth
  41. Publish three journal articles
  42. Index all journals
  43. Watch one movie for each year 1920-2015
  44. Read a book on pipe smoking/pipes
  45. Give up caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol for Lent 2013
  46. Get a job as a professor
  47. Write paper for the CoP Conference in Oxford (2013)
  48. Visit Edinburgh (Scotland)
  49. Make my own beer
  50. Visit Newstead Abbey
  51. Read all books by John Milbank
  52. Buy a book on/by Churchill for Peter Maskaluk
  53. Update my blog at least once a month
  54. Read the Summa Theologiae
  55. Read the Complete works of Aristotle
  56. Move to a new house
  57. Bake 12 different kinds of bread
  58. Help Lauren get in to a Master’s program
  59. Move all our stuff out of my parent’s house
  60. Publish my doctoral thesis
  61. Graduate from Nottingham
  62. Have kids
  63. Start an exercise routine
  64. Publish an article on Radical Orthodoxy and the Restoration Movement
  65. Read the Summa Contra Gentiles
  66. Read the Copplestone Series on Philosophy
  67. Visit Dorset
  68. Buy 5 George MacDonald Books
  69. Go to a conference in a different country (than UK or US)
  70. Preach a sermon
  71. Buy a churchwarden pipe
  72. Write a blog about the last 101 in 1001
  73. Read 10 works by Augustine (individually published books)
  74. Treat Lauren to breakfast in bed
  75. Take Lauren out on the lake at the university
  76. Read 400 Books
  77. Read all published books by David Bentley Hart
  78. Read all non-commentary books by N. T. Wright
  79. Have a Shakespeare night (reading a play with a group of friends)
  80. Have a Hobbit Day
  81. Try out C. S. Lewis’s ideal day
  82. Get Lauren to read The Lord of the Rings
  83. Read 5 books by Kierkegaard
  84. Read 5 books by Hans Urs von Balthasar
  85. Read 5 Books by Henri de Lubac
  86. Publish a book after my thesis
  87. Get myself on the Tolkien Professor podcast once
  88. Read at least 2 books by Nietsche, Kant, Derrida, and Lyotard
  89. Read all 12 books in the Radical Orthodoxy (Routelege) Series
  90. Weigh 185 lbs
  91. Find a manly project from The Art of Manliness and do it
  92. Have a French crepe
  93. Start saving for an emergency fund
  94. Buy a nice fountain pen
  95. Write in either my journal or my pocket notebook at least once a day
  96. Read three Russian Novels
  97. Find permanent (read tangible, lasting) replacements for iCal and Opus Domini and Goodreads
  98. Read the Lord of the Rings/Middle Earth books I haven’t finished
  99. Publish a non-historical theology article
  100. Go camping with a group of friends
  101. Buy a new dictionary