St Bede, the patron saint of scholars

If you enjoy the content of this blog or think it worthwhile to patronise a young theologian, here are a couple of ways you can.


If you want to help in a more general sense, then feel free to send to donations. Money sent to me via Paypal will go toward daily living as well as updating this blog. For instance, I could finally turn this blog into a proper website. Money sent would also help me to spend a bit more time on the blog (as well as my PhD thesis) creating new content for you my readers. If you want to donate, click here: Donate Button


The other way you can help is by buying me books. As a theologian, poet, and the author of this blog, books are an absolute necessity. Therefore, if you have any interest, you can buy me books from my amazon wish list which you can find here and on the sidebar: David’s Wish List.
So, if you want to contribute to the creation of new content here, or serve as a patron of my theology, please consider helping out by donating some cash or buying books, but of course, don’t feel obliged. I will continue to write no matter what. I couldn’t not do it.

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