C. S. Lewis on Prayer and Deification


Dear Friends and Family,

C. S. Lewis is probably one of the main reasons I now study theology. He opened to me the doors of deeper and more intellectual study of the Christian faith. I will not say that Lewis is perfect, nor that his theology is always spot on, but his dedication to explaining the faith through story.

Below I have included two audio files of C. S. Lewis. During WWII Lewis was asked by the British Government to give talks about the faith for the people bedraggled and worn down by war. Unfortunately, most of the reels containing Lewis’s talks that would eventually become Mere Christianity have been lost. The audio files I have included below are perhaps the only two still in existence. In the second video Lewis talks about the new kind of man that comes about in Christ. This, to me, is an inkling of deification that easily found in the theology of C. S. Lewis. For more on deification and Lewis see this article: Shine As the Sun: C.S. Lewis and the Doctrine of Deification.