Celebrating Theology Faculty from the University of Nottingham: Philip Goodchild


Dear Friends and Family,

Today’s faculty member of the Theology and Religious Studies Department at Nottingham is Prof of Religion and Philosophy Philip Goodchild. Now, I have to be fair, I don’t know Philip as well as I do some of the other members of our faculty, but I will be working with him next year when I teach a section of the undergraduate course Great Religious Texts.

Philip did Mathematics as well as Theology and Religious Studies for his undergraduate at Churchill College, Cambridge. He then went on to do his MA and PhD at Lancaster College, after taking a two year break to work. His MA dissertation was on Friedrich Nietzsche and his PhD thesis focused on Gilles Deleuze. Philip sees his three main areas of research as Continental philosophy of religion; the theology of money and globalisation; and truth and religious difference. While I’ve never sat in on one of Philip’s lectures, I can say that he is always capable of asking penetrating questions and giving wonderful insights during departmental seminars


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Philip has thus far only done a few videos for the department, but he does appear occasionally in the Bibledex videos.

Why Study Money and Theology

Why Study Philosophy as a Spiritual Exercise?

Why Study Religious Diversity with Philip Goodchild

I hope you enjoyed Philip’s videos. Perhaps if more people show interest in them they will do more. Who knows? Take a look at Philip’s work to see more about his interests and approach to theology and philosophy.


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