Celebrating Theology Faculty from the University of Nottingham: Richard Bell


Dear Friends and Family,

Today I thought I would introduce you to one of our Biblical Studies faculty members, Richard Bell. Richard’s interests are varied are far reaching, as has been his life and education, see more here. He has done PhDs in physics and  theology. The latter was received from Tübingen, under Peter Stuhlmacher, whose academic pedigree goes back to Rudolph Bultmann.

Richard now teaches a variety of courses from courses on Romans or Paul in general, to courses on Richard Wagner and theology. Richard also has an interest in seeing science and theology come together, which makes sense given his first PhD in physics. Perhaps a bit eccentric, Richard is an excellent and passionate scholar.


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Richard hasn’t done too many videos in the department’s two main series, but he can be seen rather frequently in the Pauline epistle videos on Bibledex.

Why Study Paul’s Epistle to the Romans

What do Theologians Eat for Breakfast

Make sure you go to Bibledex and see more of Richard in action. Also, if you find him interesting, make sure to check out some of his previous work.


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