More Tolkien: Looking forward to the Hobbit

Dear Friends and Family,

I just came across another video with Alison Milbank and thought I’d share it along with some other Tolkien related things I like.

Also, make sure you check out The Tolkien Professor Podcast. Dr Corey Olsen has been doing this podcast for three years now and has provided some excellent insight into both Tolkien’s work and the Faerie tradition. Check out the podcast here. Also, make sure you check out his online Master’s program in English and Tolkien Studies here, called the Mythgard Institute. Finally, stop by The Tolkien Professor website and give it a once over. As they say on their website, click friend, and enter.

Ok, that’s probably all the Tolkien news from me today. I hope you enjoy. Look forward to a post from me once I’ve seen the film.