Works in Progress

Eric and I in the Garden

Here is a list of the papers and essays which I’m currently writing. Feel free to email me to dialogue about them at elflandletters @ gmail . com

4 comments on “Works in Progress

  1. Beth Echols says:

    How long to publication? Or rather, I am an Episcopal priest serving in the Army and have found, originally through Lewis, but accelerating quickly to poetry and fairy tales, something strangely wonderful happening with PTSD, not so much as the end but a new beginning, a sort of culturally forward deployed image as…well, perhaps a conversation would be better since I must seem a ranting lunatic. Best of luck with the dissertation.

    • Beth,

      A while still. I have had some interest in publishing it, but I still need to finish it (and my PhD) before I do. I had never thought about the usefulness of poetry and fairy tales in helping with PTSD, but it certainly makes a great deal of sense (Tolkien was at the Battle of Somme; Lewis almost died from accidental friendly mortar blasts).

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