7 comments on “Beginning a Path toward Distributism: A Brief Definition

  1. M. Joelle says:

    I would say that Pope Leo’s argument for private property is less about Lockean notions of human superiority to nature (labor makes nature 10x more valuable, etc) and more about keeping any small group of humans from becoming superior to other humans – no one should have the power of a government that owns all property, just as no one should have the power of a company that owns all the means of production. Distributed property prevents any one person, or any small group of people, from casting themselves as deities over and above other people. That’s how I read it, but then I’m not typically to favorable readings of Locke.

  2. David Denis says:


    After posting the Atlantic article on fairy tales on the Official C.S. Lewis Group, a member of the group posted your response. Brilliant. Thank you.

    Then I went on to explore your writing on Distributism. Oh my. I have been searching for a framework to express my dismay with the currently accepted poles of liberal socialism vs conservative market capitalism and I believe that in Distrubutism I may have found it. Thank you for that. I have more reading to do.

    Finally, I would like to presume to buy you a cup of coffee sometime soon — or something stronger if you prefer. It happens that I am a Baptist pastor in Concord NH, not too far from you. If you have the time, I would be delighted to make your acquaintance. I’m afraid I may not have much to bring to the conversation other than offering you a lot of questions, and an fresh open ear willing to listen to stories you may have already told all your other friends many times.

    Mostly, I would like to take you up on your offer to get in touch to learn more about Distributism. And while reading is good, conversation can do things that reading cannot. Plus…I think I’d just like to meet you.

    Of course, to post this comment, I’m including my email and as the owner of the blog, I assume it will be available to you. If you can see your way to it, let me know and we’ll set something up.

    Grace and peace to you and yours.

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  4. guestpeaker says:

    Reblogged this on Stepping Toes and commented:
    Humanity may have made incredible progress in science and technology, it has made a big mess of the surroundings and of the social life, creating lots of inequality and creating lots of causes for battles for getting more power.

    It is the imbalance in this world that is causing our relationships with creation and with God to break down and our hearts to become hardened to the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.
    Many in this world have pointed their eyes to the material goods and are trying to enlarge their ‘belongings’ and power. Their egoism and greed has made many arrogant. Lots of people neglect creation, the people but also plants and animals around them.

    Lots of people have forgotten what God has entrusted to our care.

    We do not own the earth, but we are part of it and should create symbioses with it. With those around us we should come to live as brothers and sisters, living in unity, respecting each-other and wanting to be on equal terms, sharing all the good things of this earth.

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